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You must complete an Enrollment Agreement and all required documents and submit monies as outlined on the Tuition and Fees Schedule. The Enrollment Agreement must be signed by a parent or legal guardian if you are younger than 18 years of age.


  • You may be required to complete an informational interview.


  • All courses are taught in English. You must be able to speak, read, and write English fluently. English abilities will be determined through the University's interview, application process, and placement exam.


  • You must complete financial arrangements prior to starting class. If applicable, financial aid applications must be completed.


  • All first-time New Castle undergraduate students will be considered conditionally admitted to the University and will not be eligible for Title IV federal financial aid while in this status. Conditionally admitted students who meet the criteria established by the University will become fully accepted into their programs and will only then become eligible for Title IV federal financial aid. The University will not fully accept any conditionally admitted student not meeting the criteria, and such a student will not owe any financial obligation to the University except for the application fee, which is nonrefundable.

    Non degree-seeking students enrolled in graduate programs will be considered fully accepted at enrollment rather than conditionally admitted. Students returning to the University are considered fully accepted at enrollment.


     Program and State Admissions Requirements


  • All applicants must complete any programmatic admissions requirements, if applicable. Contact an Admissions Advisor for specific requirements.


  • For nursing programs, documentation of any required health examinations, tests, and immunizations must be presented prior to registering for clinical courses or an externship experience. Health science programs may require health examinations, including pathology tests and immunization records, to be administered no earlier than 12 months prior to the end date of the externship. Documentation must be submitted prior to registering for clinical courses or an externship. Programs may require additional documentation as necessary to comply with specific federal and/or state requirements for studentscandidates and profession candidates. Contact an Admissions Advisor for information on the specific documentation required for the program of your choice, as well as timeframes for submitting this documentation.


  • The state and various other agencies may require criminal background checks before you can be placed in an externship or take professional licensing, certification, or registration exams. If you have prior felony convictions, you may be denied the opportunity to take professional licensing, certification, or registration exams, or may be denied a license or certification to practice in some states even if the exam is taken and successfully completed. You are responsible for inquiring about current requirements prior to enrolling in the program of your choice.


  • Some programs require documentation that need not be submitted at the time of admission, but is required for successful completion of the program. If you attended high school in a foreign country, additional documentation may be required.